Newcomers to Canada

Coaching for Newcomers to Canada

Did you know that…

  • The unemployment rate for university educated immigrants is four times that of similarly educated Canadian-born residents?
    And that…
  • University-educated newcomers earn an average of 67 per cent of their Canadian-born, university-educated counterparts?
  • Did you also know that…
  • 60 per cent of skilled immigrants work at a LOWER occupational level than they did before moving to this country?

Our Newcomer Career Coaching Program teaches you how to find a job comparable to what you had back home, and at an competitive income for this work in Canada. 

Aline Ayoub’s Newcomer Career Coaching Program

La Passarelle

Aline at La Passerelle I.D.É

You will learn:

  1. The number one reason why foreign trained executives miss the opportunity to get high paying jobs.
  2. How to stand out from other candidates and get employers to ask to work with YOU.
  3. Discover the life changing secret to attracting high paying jobs instead of chasing them.

We provide you with direction and professional help to transition from your home country to the Canadian marketplace. Our program is tailored to your specific needs and we make sure you will successfully integrate the Canadian market place.

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