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It Could Be Pretty Lonely At The Top

Coaching & Mentoring, Leadership posted on March 6, 2018

I’ve been asked numerous times by my business partners what the difference was between mentoring and coaching. While coaching is short term, performance driven and task oriented; mentoring is relationship oriented, long term and development driven. Coaching is used when an organization is seeking to develop its employees in specific competencies using performance management tools and getting the immediate manager involved. […]

Make your people do work that matters

Culture, Hiring & Employment posted on August 18, 2016

Freshii “helps people all over the world live healthier and longer lives by making healthy food affordable and convenient” says Ashley Dalziel, VP of people and culture at Freshii. Millennials comprise 98% of their headquarters staff, but their turnover is incredibly low. They owe it to millennials One thing Freshii does very well is understand the Millennials’ needs and wants […]

90 days to succeed in your new job

Coaching & Mentoring, Hiring & Employment posted on May 4, 2016

The actions you take within the first 90 days of a new job will largely determine whether you succeed or fail. It’s a time of great vulnerability, since you hardly know anyone and still have questions about your new job. If you don’t create some momentum during this period, you’ll face great difficulties. There are ways to smooth this transition […]

Find your perfect career. Use your personality type.

Coaching & Mentoring posted on April 6, 2016

You spend a lot of time and energy working. It doesn’t matter where you work from; if you’re not satisfied and feel miserable every day, then you absolutely need to do something else. You need to find work that you enjoy, work worth investing your time and energy in and work you find satisfying. It all starts with you Do […]

Prepare first. Celebrate later.

Coaching & Mentoring posted on March 24, 2016

You’ve been called for a job interview. What’s the first thing you do? Throw a party? Don’t! Being asked for a job interview is so precious. A job interview is your entry to actually being offered the job. You don’t want to lose this great opportunity by wasting time celebrating. You need to prepare. Preparation is key Let me share […]

Souper et conférence présentée par Aline Ayoub

posted on November 19, 2015

Êtes-vous introvertie?  Courrez la chance de gagner une consultation gratuite de 30 minutes lors du prochain souper-conférence mensuel de  l’Association des femmes d’affaires francophones, aussi connu comme l’AFAF.


Coaching & Mentoring posted on

Do you have a positive attitude at work? Are you aware of your personal goals? How about the company’s goals? Are you a high performer? Do you go the extra mile? If you’ve answered “no” to most of these questions, chances are you are TOTALLY disengaged. Shared Responsibility Building an engaging culture in an organization is not solely the employer’s […]

Explain Your Go-To Potential?

HR Solutions posted on June 16, 2015

Are you getting interviews, but not getting the job? Do you know how to sell yourself during a job interview? Listen to this video and learn how to showcase your potential and stand out from the pack.

Do You Think You Know How to Dance?

HR Solutions posted on April 29, 2015

If you were buying a computer, a cell phone, a house or make any major purchase, you would first check to see what the average price is for the item. Knowing the price is something is a basic principle, and it’s the same principle that applies to job interview preparation.  Before you begin your job search, there is some information […]

Making Mistakes is good for Business

HR Solutions posted on April 23, 2015

Do you remember when you were in elementary school? Everything you learned at that time was new and exciting. How did you really learn? First, you learned from the teacher. Second, you learned from your mistakes. You had no choice!. You had to admit you were wrong before you could learn from it! When people grow up, we tend not […]

Êtes-Vous Proscratinateur?

HR Solutions posted on April 16, 2015

Le 25 mars dernier marquait la Journée internationale de la procrastination. Si vous remettez constamment au lendemain vos tâches importantes, vous n’êtes pas seul. En fait, beaucoup de gens sont, dans une certaine mesure, procrastinateurs. Certains sont tellement chroniquement affectés par la procrastination que cela les empêche de réaliser leur potentiel et perturbe leur carrière. Selon le psychologue professeur Clarry […]

Are you procrastinating?

HR Solutions posted on March 19, 2015

If you’ve found yourself putting off important tasks over and over again, you’re not alone. In fact, many people procrastinate to some degree – but some are so chronically affected by procrastination that it stops them from fulfilling their potential and disrupts their careers. According to psychologist Professor Clarry Lay, a prominent writer on the subject, procrastination occurs when there’s […]

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