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Tina Guarracino

Testimonial posted on August 17, 2017

Ayoub manages our Human Resources from Toronto, and as an international company her HR leadership is an integral part of our success. We highly recommend Aline Ayoub HR. — Tina Guarracino, Director of Operations North America, Be Relax Airport Spas

Dena Marcos CHRP

Testimonial posted on

Aline Ayoub mentored our internationally trained HR professional clients who were looking to integrate into the Canadian Labour Market. Their 4-month mentoring relationship with Aline led them to secure employment in their fields! I highly recommend Aline Ayoub HR! — Dena Marcos CHRP, Job Skills Professional Training & Coaching

Marylou Heenan

Testimonial posted on

Aline Ayoub is a passionate and gifted career coaching – whether it be a new career or opening a business. She provided coaching support to me which resulting in my finding the ideal position in a new industry very quickly. She is a delight to work with! — Marylou Heenan, Financial Advisor Assante Capital Management

Monica Weissmann

Testimonial posted on

Aline Ayoub’s experience, people skills, creativity and empathy make her an exceptional HR Consultant. Don’t miss out … Hire her! — Monica Weissmann, Financial Advisor, Manulife Securities

Aleyna Z. Dar

Testimonial posted on

We highly recommend Aline Ayoub HR! Her firm is responsive, professional and invested in our success. She’s passionate and knowledgeable about what she does. — Aleyna Z. Dar, Business Development Manager, Alta E-Solutions

Ian Clark

Testimonial posted on

Aline Ayoub has been a part of our business growth, guiding us in HR practices so that as a small growing business we would be positioned to capitalize on this growth. Her deep HR experience has been critically valuable to us! 3Peaks recommends Aline Ayoub HR! — Ian Clark, President 3Peaks Inc.

HR is on Stage!

Blog posted on May 11, 2017

Building a talent base and improving leadership effectiveness has never been so relevant! Society by and large is moving at the speed of light. Whether it’s adjusting to a multi-generational workforce, facing economic and political worldwide challenges or dealing with a brand-new style of leadership, there is one common-denominator. People. Expertise in human resources has never been so relevant! Today, […]

Engaged employees always go the extra mile

Blog posted on April 27, 2017

Did you know that employers with the highest percentage of engaged employees increase their margins by an average of 3.64% and their net profit margins by 2.06%?[1] And that offices with engaged employees are 43% more productive? [2] The concept of employee engagement stems from high economical fluctuations and the rise of unemployment rates after 9/11 in 2011. A new […]

Define Your Corporate Culture in 5 Steps

Blog posted on April 13, 2017

Most business owners understand the value of branding for products and marketing, but did you know that your office culture needs to represent your brand too? Candidates will join your company based on the brand image you present, so you should do your best to ensure it’s consistent in both your marketing and the way you work. A company culture […]

Is Human Resources one of your blind spots?

Blog posted on March 30, 2017

Many business owners don’t take time to think through HR policies or even hire an HR manager. There‘s false assumption that they can do HR’s job. They think they are not “big enough” to need HR. I hear that a lot from many owners. The truth is, every Company needs HR. However, not all companies need HR on a full-time […]

What are employees doing when no one is looking?

Blog posted on March 16, 2017

A study from Deloitte proves companies with a leadership culture are nine times more likely to be good at identifying and developing leaders than those lacking a leadership culture. What is a leadership culture? Companies reflect the ethics of the leaders who run them. Anita Roddick founded the Body Shop to show that you could build an environmentally friendly corporation […]

Award yourself with an OSCAR. Don’t overlook the fine prints.

Blog posted on March 3, 2017

By now you’ve all probably seen the infamous mix-up on the Oscar stage. You might think that such a thing would never happen to you, but you’re wrong. Things like that happen to entrepreneurs all the time. They are not so easily corrected as switching an envelope. A quick check—an audit—would’ve caught the mix-up before it even happened. But hindsight is […]