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Could a workplace harassment claim shut down your business?

Blog posted on May 11, 2018

When was the last time you awoke to an issue in your business that had been going on for a while before you became aware of it? The workplace harassment issue is exactly that for so many business owners. You could get side-swiped with a workplace harassment issue that takes you to court with legal fees that could ultimately shut […]

Dealing with Workplace Sexual Harassment as a Small Business Owner

Blog posted on April 18, 2018

As a business owner in Ontario you are probably vulnerable to threat of sexual harassment in the workplace. The MeToo Movement is currently impacting all businesses, regardless the size. In fact, if you are a small business, you are probably handling the sexual harassment claims in place of a human resources professional. When it’s the CEO handling the claims, many […]

Why You Need Managerial Courage?

Blog posted on April 13, 2018

A lot has been said about Gen Y also known as “Millennials”. This refers to those who were born from 1981-2000, so the oldest are now in their thirties. It seems, however, that the tables are turning. Recently, I worked with a Gen Y leader. Its collaborative style almost made him lose his business: if his team was not in […]

Why Are Manhole Covers Round?

Blog posted on April 12, 2018

Why are manholes covers round? Is one of the questions asked to the wannabe Googlers. Google wants to assess creativity and problem-solving. In other words, Google is looking for a quick answer that proves not only the candidate is agile, but logical, adaptable and math-minded. But what these “trick” questions can’t highlight is a quality that Pappalardo sees as not […]

What To Do When You Don’t Have the Canadian Experience?

Blog posted on April 11, 2018

  Alfonso was a stock broker in Mexico before immigrating to Canada.  He was living the life, he had a very comfortable income, his children attended private schools and he lived in a large gardened home. When his family`s safety was under threat in his country, he emigrated to Canada. Armed with his 20 years of work experience and a […]

Why governance policy matters?

Blog posted on

John Lennon’s assassination; Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme; Earl Jones Ponzi Scheme ; Ornge scandals; Former Salvation Army employee charged in alleged $2-million toy theft; Gatineau (Quebec, Canada) daycare shooting; the Boston (United States) marathon explosion; the arrest of men suspected of plotting to attack a Via Rail passenger train in the Greater Toronto Area (Ontario, Canada);  I can go on […]

In Canada, no means no.

Blog posted on March 29, 2018

Preparing for a Canadian-style interview is a lot more than reading about the employer or aligning the job with your experience. If you are new to Canada, it’s to learn about the Canadian-style interview. The good news is culture is not hereditary. Culture is learned. First, get familiarized with how Canadian people interact. Know you need to keep a distance […]

So you think you can dance?

Blog posted on March 22, 2018

Are you in a job meaningful for you? Are you passionate about what you are doing? Have you settled for less? Or perhaps you are in denial? How to find a meaningful job in 5 steps: Step 1: Explore. You need to know what you love. In order to achieve this, you need to shop around and try career outfits. […]

3 Reasons Why People Leave People

Blog posted on March 20, 2018

If you want your business to succeed, you have to acknowledge that your employees are an integral part of that success. Show your employees that you care and make them feel valued at work. After all, your employees are the people who support and drive your business. Employees will leave you if they feel undervalued and will opt to join […]

Misconceptions around Generation Y

Blog posted on March 15, 2018

Generation Y, also known as millennial are born between 1981 and 2000. They are already transforming the workplace. Hannah Seligson, herself a Generation Y, just released her new book called “Mission: Adulthood: How the 20-Somethings of Today Are Transforming Work, Love, and Life.” She followed over the years 7 Generation Y. She says they can’t be ignored. Generation Y, at […]

11 Proven Strategies for Increasing Employee Morale and Performance

Blog posted on March 13, 2018

As a business owner, do you feel that time seems more scarce than ever? You face pressures of managing staff, keeping clients happy, finding new business, and resolving the daily operational hiccups that occur. All of these things challenge the boundaries of the 9 to 5 work day, right?   We have help! In this article Aline from Ayoub HR, a […]

Hire diversity. Make it real.

Blog posted on March 8, 2018

Using the analogy to computers, Geert Hofstede describes culture as the “software of the mind”. Whereas personality is inherited and learned and specific to individuals, culture is learned and specific to a group or a category of people. Hiring diversity is a matter of providing the appropriate structure for learning and succeed in this global market.

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