Nicholas Meyer

HR Solutions posted on December 4, 2015

Trust and Estate Planning Expert / Strategic Advisor ENGLISH I strongly recommend Aline. She is undoubtedly a very skilled and seasoned coach. But more importantly she listens carefully to her clients and fully understand their personality, allowing her to tailor her approach. Aline is responsive, creative and professional FRANÇAIS Je recommande fortement Aline. Elle est sans aucun doute un coach […]

Mike Le Blanc

HR Solutions posted on June 22, 2015

Just a  note to let you know I have landed a transportation position. ​ I am especially thankful for your time and expertise you provided to me through this transition. I would like to think the improvements to my resume you suggested as well as some of your guidance regarding LinkedIn profiles and interviewing tips made the difference.

Janine Messadié

Networking posted on November 12, 2014

Aline’s delivery was engaging and extremely motivating; the content of her presentation on networking was informative and included valuable tips and insights that are being of great assistance in expanding my networks. I am continuing to benefit from that powerful half-day!

Tara Reynolds

HR Solutions posted on November 10, 2014

We retained Aline Ayoub to support us with the realignment of our business structure. Aline is an experienced and knowledgeable Human Resources professional who was able to quickly understand our business and culture. She has a collaborative spirit, the ability to immediately instill trust with her Business Partners and shows sensitivity to all stakeholders. Her bilingual services were particularly useful […]

Aïssatou Sonko

HR Solutions posted on

Aline Ayoub provided a conference on “How to Build a Personal Brand”. The participants highly appreciated the conference. They found the speaker excellent, attentive and professional. The information was considered useful, important and relevant. The interaction between the participants and the speaker and the sharing of knowledge was amazing.

Cherry Ding

Coaching & Mentoring posted on

Aline is a very experienced HR professional in terms of career coaching. I was fortunate enough to be Aline’s mentee. She is knowledgeable and patient each time I turned to her regarding career goals-setting, interview skills as well as email communication. I recommend her to anyone who seeks professional coaching.

Dena Marcos

Coaching & Mentoring posted on

Aline partnered with Bridge to HR as a mentor. She mentored two of our Internationally Trained HR professional clients who were looking to integrate into the Canadian Labour Market. Through her relentless coaching efforts, countless resources, and one on one counselling she was able to make a great impact on both of their careers. Both individuals were able to enhance […]

Céline Saday

Coaching & Mentoring posted on

I am thankful to Aline for having accepted our last minute offer of a 6-week training in our Government-funded French Youth Employability Program. Our clients could benefit from her expertise as well as her experience in general. Her friendly and professional approach made a big difference.

Marylou Heenan

Coaching & Mentoring, Hiring & Employment posted on

Aline Ayoub is passionate about coaching people who are thinking about their next professional step – whether it be a new career or opening a business. Her assistance in my own move to a new industry was key to finding the ideal position very quickly. She is current, insightful, her advice is right on the mark and she is a […]

Monica Weissmann

Coaching & Mentoring, Small Business posted on

Aline is an exception in the world of business consultants. With extensive business experience due to the variety of management positions that she filled with large corporations, and personal skills that cannot be learned, she uses her creativity and her impressive empathy to provide advice to businesses in various stages of development.  She is precise, reliable and has a wealth […]

Wael Ramadan

Hiring & Employment, HR Solutions, Working in Canada posted on

It is my pleasure to write this recommendation for Aline Ayoub. Aline is a well connected and respected HR consultant. I had the pleasure to observe Aline’s work closely and she is a source of inspiration to many. Aline is a real joy to work with especially with her great sense of humor and  creative mind. I highly recommend Aline.

Khady Ndoye

Coaching & Mentoring, Hiring & Employment posted on April 1, 2014

I have tremendously enjoyed working with Aline. She is thoroughly knowledgeable concerning all aspects of human resource management, coaching and career counselling. I attended her training and I was blown away by how quickly the day flew by. It was informative, interactive and entertaining. I have learned so much!. I appreciate her expertise and I would highly recommend the services […]