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Your brand is important. You want your employees to speak highly of you. Even in difficult times.

In partnership with Career Compass Canada we offer the most advanced, robust and comprehensive career transition service available today. We have helped many companies to ensure their displaced workers are cared for and we help them find new employment effectively and rapidly.

Effectively transitioning employees, whether out of the organization or into new roles within the company, can be a challenging endeavor. With Career Compass Canada. we help employers successfully transition workers by providing high quality outplacement / career transition.

We understand how to penetrate the hidden job market and are experts at connecting job seekers with employers.We do this through advanced networking platform that includes Career Compass Canada internal networking system of partner firms coast to coast, online and in-person.

Our programs are geared to a range of  roles including: front line, support, professional, manager, director and executive.

Career transition support includes:

  • First your employee is assigned a dedicated professional career coach
  • Then the employee is provided with emotional support
  • Thirdly, a thorough review of the marketing tools takes place; such us:
    • Resume preparation;
    • The story preparation behind the employment loss;
    • Preparation on how to answer interview questions;
    • Business cards development
    • LinkedIn profile
  • Then we engage in a search around career pathway development and positioning
  • We develop job search strategies using social media
  • Training is provided on networking to source opportunities not posted

In summary, the employee is provided with the assistance required to find a job quickly and in its preferred field of interest.


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