Outplacement services

Outplacement Services

Small Business Outplacement Services

Outplacement services preserve your company’s image and much more. You want your employees to speak highly of you, especially during transition.

In today’s business environment circumstances may arise when one or more key employees, managers or executives must be transitioned out of the company. Rather than serve them unemployment, we can offer them options and a strategy for re-employment. It’s a win-win.

A firm may be facing a merger, an acquisition, or be dealing with economic ups and downs. Increasingly new technology may drive a need for workforce reorganization. The change may not be the fault of the valued employees, but rather a reflection of the changing needs within the business environment.

Outplacement services for small business support internal morale and assist a valued employee who is not able to make the changes or transformation needed in order for the business to grow. We can give these employees tools to get re-employed quickly. Plus the separation costs for you, the employer, will be less.

Our Small Business Outplacement Services reduce the pain and cost of transition, and as well, strengthen your company’s image within both the company and the wider business community.

Our Small Business Outplacement Services create a Win-Win:

  • The transitioning employees get professional help in preparing for their next career move so they land on their feet faster
  • Your current employees are more likely to view the changes positively, staying engaged and more committed to their work
  • The company maintains productivity, protects its business reputation, and reduces transition risks and costs.

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