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Aline Ayoub delivers high caliber HR Consulting, Outplacement Services and Workshops for Employers & Individuals who seek HR services and professional career coaching. Aline has accrued deep expertise in human resource management, with many years experience in hiring, building, and developing cohesive and successful teams at some of Canada’s largest and most respected national retail brands.

She went on to found Aline Ayoub HR Consulting in 2011 to bring her expertise as an executive consultant – along with her unique methodology, ‘The Power of Ayoub HR’ – to both SMEs and to individuals seeking career guidance. This methodology combines HR leadership best practice with an extensive range of HR tools to augment the value she delivers to her clients.

Small and medium size small businesses often don’t have the resources to have onsite full time HR managers. They can find themselves rushed to make a hiring decision, or lacking quick access to the latest labour law guidelines when needing to deal with employment termination, employee productivity, HR manuals or the many other challenges associated with the human aspects of running a profitable business. Aline Ayoub knows this only too well, having helped literally thousands of business owners reap significant financial savings by providing them with advice, tools and expertise to offset HR issues before they arise.

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